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At Coen Steel, sustainability is at the forefront of our operations.

Sustainability in Action: Our Commitment at Coen Steel

At Coen Steel, sustainability is more than just a concept – it’s a guiding principle that shapes everything we do. We understand the significance of safeguarding the needs of future generations while meeting today’s demands. For us, sustainability means harmonising social, environmental, and economic objectives to create a brighter tomorrow.

Social Responsibility

Nurturing Communities and Empowering People

At Coen Steel, social responsibility is our cornerstone. We recognise our role in shaping the well-being of communities and the growth of individuals.

Community Engagement: As a responsible neighbour and employer, we are deeply committed to the communities we operate in. We actively seek to understand and meet the expectations of local residents, businesses, schools, and other groups affected by our operations. Our decisions are guided by their collective needs and concerns.

Employee Well-being: We place the utmost importance on the health, safety, welfare, and professional development of our employees. Employee well-being is central to our decision-making process, with a steadfast commitment to fostering a culture of safety and on-going training. We continuously strive to embed health and safety as a fundamental aspect of our organisational culture, minimising accidents, and utilising employee feedback to enhance safety performance.

Economic Sustainability

Fostering Growth and Resilience

Coen Steel’s commitment to economic sustainability extends beyond our bottom line. We understand that thriving communities and businesses are essential for long-term success.

Local Economies: We prioritise local economies by strategically locating our depots across Ireland and the UK. This not only minimises our transport impacts but also stimulates regional economic growth through localised customer deliveries and sustainable supplier transport choices like rail and sea.

Waste Reduction: Our sustainability efforts extend to waste management, focusing on minimising production waste and its environmental impact. Our commitment to circularity is demonstrated through the recycling of high-quality steel off-cuts via local scrap merchants.

Environmental Stewardship

Nurturing the Planet for Future Generations

At Coen Steel, environmental stewardship is not just a commitment; it’s a daily practice ingrained in our operations.

Solar Power: We’ve taken a significant step towards a greener future by installing solar panels at our site. These panels harness the power of the sun to reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our commitment to renewable energy sources.

Fossil-Free Steel: Coen Steel is leading the charge in the transition to fossil-free steel production. We are actively investing in and adopting innovative technologies and processes that minimise or eliminate reliance on fossil fuels in our steel production. This bold step signifies our dedication to a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Environmental Management: ISO 14001 certification allows us to identify, measure, and proactively manage our environmental impacts, working consistently towards targets that reduce our footprint through continuous improvement.

Transport Efficiency: We maintain strategically located depots to minimise transport impacts. We work with our hauliers to reduce empty miles, which helps us reduce emissions and contribute to a greener planet.

Waste Transformation: Our comprehensive waste management systems aim to minimise and, where feasible, reduce production waste. As staunch proponents of recycling, we ensure that high-quality steel off-cuts are recycled through local scrap merchants, reinforcing our commitment to circularity. Reinforcing steel, being 100% recyclable, aligns perfectly with our sustainability goals.

Governance Excellence

Setting High Standards and Accountability

At Coen Steel, sound governance forms the bedrock of our sustainability strategy.

Certified Sustainability: Our steel sourcing adheres to rigorous responsible sourcing standards. We collaborate with CARES Approved suppliers worldwide. This certification ensures that our supply chain aligns with ethical and sustainable practices.

Continuous Improvement: We actively measure and enhance our social and environmental impacts and performance through established Health and Safety, Environmental, and Sustainability management systems. Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident in our CARES certification and our relentless pursuit of elevated standards in all aspects of our business.

For Coen Steel, sustainability is not just a goal; it’s a comprehensive commitment that encompasses our social, economic, environmental, and governance practices, ensuring a responsible and resilient future for all, powered by renewable energy from our solar panels and supported by our dedication to fossil-free steel production.

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Policies & Certification

We are committed to transparency and accountability in our sustainability efforts. Our policies and certifications reflect this dedication.

Charity & Employee-Related Activity

We believe in giving back to the community and fostering a culture of social responsibility. Here are some of the initiatives and activities we are proud to be a part of:

Highview Athletic Golf Classic

We were one of the main sponsors for the Highview Athletic golf classic, supporting sports and recreational activities in the local community.

CROÍ Golden Raffle Ticket

Coen Steel works closely with CROÍ and sponsored the Golden Raffle Ticket event, contributing to charitable causes.

Oranmore Men’s Shed

We are supporters of the Oranmore Men’s Shed, a community organisation that kindly built planters for us, promoting creativity and collaboration.

Spiritan Irish Province – One Heart, One Spirit

Coen Steel proudly supports Spiritan Irish Province, contributing to their mission of making a positive impact.

Connacht Rugby Sponsorship

We are delighted to be sponsors of Connacht Rugby, supporting sports and teamwork in the region.

IRFU Charitable Trust

Coen Steel proudly sponsors the IRFU Charitable Trust, aiding those in need within the rugby community.

Policies & Certification

We are committed to transparency and accountability in our sustainability efforts. Our policies and certifications reflect this dedication