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Stainless Steel Reinforcing

Stainless steel reinforcing bar in concrete is increasingly used as a straightforward and reliable way to resist corrosion and to provide the adequate service life.

Coen Steel supplies

Standard and non-standard Reinforcing bar

8mm-25mm thickness and 1m-11.9m in length.

Cut and Bent Stainless Steel to order

See schedule.

Reinforcing Steel Coil

8mm-16mm thickness, 2-4 tonne.

Product Information

Coen Steel is a leading Steel Distributor and Manufacturer with a history of commitment to excellence and innovation, both in terms of product quality and reliability, and complies with BS EN ISO 9002.

On account of Coen Steel’s strategic and all-island distribution network, we can now offer our clients a new product “Stainless Steel Reinforcement Cut and Bent” with an “ON TIME” delivery service. Turnaround time from the date of order to on-site delivery has now been greatly reduced and can be as little as 48 hours if required by the client. This is something that is unheard of within our industry as regards this product. 

Stainless Steel Reinforcement Bar is finding increased applications in important concrete structures such as bridges, sea walls and tunnels where long-term resistance to salt and other chloride-containing environments is required. It may also be required on certain projects because of its low magnetic properties ie. Hospitals and Power Stations where magnetic interference would be an issue. Stainless Reinforcement is usually substituted for Carbon Reinforcement ONLY in parts of the structure that are going to experience corrosive elements or conditions.

Certain projects may require a specific grade of Stainless Steel Reinforcement depending on site conditions. Therefore Coen Steel would always advise consultation well in advance as regards stock availability and turnaround time of the material.

Features & Benefits


Due to the oxide layer formed by chromium on the steel surface, our stainless steel rebar has excellent corrosion resistance that can withstand the most demanding environments.

Strong & Durable

Stainless steel rebar is an industry-standard product used in reinforced cement concrete . It is known for its high tensile strength and structural support-giving properties.


Due to the anti-corrosive and low magnetic properties of this structural material, it can be used in a range of construction projects such as bridges, sea walls, tunnels, hospitals and power stations.



Coen Steel also offer Stainless Steel Tying Wire (1.2mm) Standard Grade: 1.4301 (other grades on request).


These are other products which are available on request, in a range of diameters from 12mm to 25mm.

Downloadable Assets


William Halloran / Construction Manager

Coen steel delivered in excess of 1500 tonnes of steel to University Hospital Galway during 2021 without issues or any discrepancies and a smooth service was provided.

Due to its location it was decided that part of this project would have to be delivered off-site to facilitate and deliver this project on time.

JPC engaged with coen steel from an early stage and a plan was put in place to do exactly this.

In all over 300 tonnes of prefabricated material was produced off site in coen steels purpose built fabrication unit and delivered to site.

This enabled JPC site team to deliver this prestigious building frame in record time and produce spectacular formwork.

Coen steel are a progressive and innovative company that deliveries an exceptional service every time with an excellent support team at hand to guarantee the excellence we received. 

Richard Burke

Coen Steel were a highly efficient and professional company to work with, from the first contact we had with them it was clear they were highly suitable to our needs. Ordering, manufacturing and delivery of bespoke preassembled rebar elements ran seamlessly without fault and the quality of the product we received was excellent. A highly organised delivery schedule also ensured that all dates were met without causing any delay to our manufacturing process. I would highly recommend Coen Steel to anyone that is currently thinking about requiring their services.