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Advanced High Strength Steel

Coen Steel are proud to announce we have the licence to Distribute Strenx High Strength Steel in Ireland. Strenx is the solution to making your products stronger, lighter and more effective; engineered for those with structural strength and weight savings in mind as key competitive factors.

Strenx comes with guaranteed product consistency, services to help the customers business, and permanent assistance to enhance end-product performance.

  • Strenx delivers yield strengths from 700 to 1300 MPA while being as workshop friendly as standard steels.
  • Strenx Steel is formed following strict quality specifications.
    • Strenx guarantees tight flatness tolerances, tight thickness tolerances and bending guarantees.
    • Tight thickness tolerances enable you to know the weight more precisely and can reduce your safety margins as a result. Automated welding and laser cutting benefit from the narrow tolerances for optimized cutting speed. Precise thickness within a plate makes for safe and predictable performances in the workshop. Meets the requirements of EN 10 029 Class A but offers narrower tolerances.
    • Flatness tolerances according to Strenx Flatness Guarantee Class C, which are narrower than EN 10 029 Class N
    • You can also use the same force and get the same spring back from plate to plate when bending with tolerances according to Strenx Bending Radius Guarantee Class A.


Product Information

Coen’s Strenx is well suited for the lifting, transportation, framing of heavy mobile machines, the agricultural and construction sectors. It allows customers to manufacture and design more competitive, cutting edge and sustainable product with real tangible benefit e.g., vehicles that will use less fuel and produce less CO2, trailers carrying more payload without compromising on performance, safety and service life.

High strength steel can improve your profitability by reducing the amount of steel used in the design and product while reducing overall production cost. The product itself will be lighter due to it being a stronger steel used in thinner dimensions, less material used, thinner welds, less filler material and less parts due to it’s highly form-able properties.

Features & Benefits

Strenx® high-strength structural steel can take your business to new heights with stronger and lighter products. Whatever your customers’ industry – transportation, lifting, agriculture or construction – Strenx® structural steel in their equipment will outperform other steels in the toughest of environments.

Dimension program

  • From 700 to 1300 MPa
  • Thickness 0.7 to 160 mm
  • Available as hot-rolled plates, coils, sheets, cold-rolled sheets and coils and as sections and tubes

Superior workshop performance

  • Weldable with all common methods
  • Easy thermal and mechanical cutting
  • Guaranteed properties for repeatable bending
  • Machinable with standard workshop equipment

Your quality guarantees

This super-consistent steel is backed up by Strenx® guarantees for flatness, thickness and bendability.

That’s why we call it Strenx® performance steel

Strenx® can improve the performance of your current products, and when it’s used to its full potential in new and innovative designs, Strenx® can make an even greater difference

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High strength steel can improve your profitability

Strenx® – meeting the challenges in transport industry